Saturday, July 23, 2011


Yes, I understand that it's summer, but THIS summer it is just ridiculous! Near 100 degrees daily for what seems to be forever (and 120 on my very comfortable deck ).  As I sit in my sewing room sweating through the latest projects, I think back to other days...when the weather didn't dictate what I could manage to work on.

At any rate, I have managed to complete the blocks I have committed to, even though this is the third month of the block swap, and I have only received one block in return.....I do remain hopeful!  This block is going out to California.  My July partner requested blues and browns, in scrappy form.  What she didn't know is that SCRAPPY and CINDY have a real love/hate relationship!  Love to look at them, can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.  I can not seem to just throw together different patterns, I need a plan.  I do, however think that this looks pretty nice, and the fabrics look well together.  I hope it fits into what she wanted!

Then there is the block lotto.  Oh boy.  This gal has been having trouble with the blog setting (this one included) as I can't always get into the page to write the darn thing.  Adding pics is another challenge!  I am hoping to use this whole experience as a learning type thing, and by years end to be proficient in the use of these things.  Time will tell, right now I am giving myself a grade of C, and that is generous.

So, having finally gotten it together for Junes Block Lotto, I mailed out my blocks to a new friend in the Sultanate of Oman.  Yup, I too had to look it up in Google Maps, feeling like a high school drop out or something.  Jo is originally from the UK, but living now in Oman, and will be receiving the 6 missing blocks from June.

Julys challenge is something called  Liberated Checkerboard.  Let me start by saying that I didn't feel at all liberated!  But, they look pretty good for a funky type block.  It was a real challenge for me, as I really prefer intricate piecing, but I think that whoever wins all the blocks will have a beautiful, and unique quilt.

Well, that's all for now.  With any luck I will remember how to get back in here next month, and it won't be as long between posts!  Keep cool, and keep on stitching!


  1. your blues and browns in your star block look great ... i do think you are better at putting scraps together than you think ... well done ..

  2. ...and your July partner enjoyed the scrappy blue/brown block too. Job well done. :)